Apply for Canada eTA
 – Electronic Travel Authorization

Apply for Canada eTA

Apply the correct Visa or eTA for Canada

Since eTA was introduced in 2016, it is now required that visitors who previously traveled visa-free to Canada must have an approved eTA or visa before boarding a flight to Canada. Getting the right visa or eTA for your travel purposes depends on factors such as the passport or travel document you use to travel with, your citizenship or nationality, as well as your method of transportation to Canada. A visitor to Canada does not need both an eTA and a visitor or transit visa, but just one of the three, depending on their travel purpose. If the traveler has an existing visitor visa, they should not use an eTA to visit Canada for short tourism or business purposes, for less than six months. Before applying for an eTA, check your passport for any existing Canadian visitor or transit visa.

Travelers eligible for eTA
Transit travel requirements

Visitors to Canada can review eTA requirements to determine if they have a passport from a visa-exempt country. These travelers do not need an eTA if they pass through Canada by train, bus, boat or cruise ship. An approved Canada eTA will be required if passing through Canada by air.

Tourism or business travel

An approved eTA is required if a traveler who holds a passport from a visa-exempt country intends to visit Canada for tourism or for a business visit of up to six months.

Brazilian nationals who hold a U.S. non-immigrant visa or who have had a Canadian visa within the last 10 years are also eligible to apply for eTA when arriving by air. If arriving by sea or land, Brazilian passport holders must apply for the Canadian visa that is most relevant to their travel purpose.

Travelers who are exempt from an eTA
Requirements for transit, tourism and business travel

Permanent residents and citizens of Canada, US citizens and nationals, French nationals residing in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, as well as Canadian visa holders, crew members and visitors of armed forces do not need an eTA or visa to enter Canada. Non-Canadian citizens or permanent residents may need a visa to conduct non-tourism or other business-related activities that do not fit within the scope of permitted activities for travelers exempt from eTA. For more information on Canada’s visa requirements, see

Travelers who are required to have a visa
Requirements for transit, tourism and business travel

All other travelers who are not from an eTA-exempt or visa-exempt country must apply for the relevant Canadian visa if they wish to visit Canada.

visiting Visa
Non-eTA eligible and non-eTA exempt travelers need a Canadian visitor visa if they are to be in Canada for more than 48 hours, or even less than 48 hours if they pass through Canada by air. These travelers also need a Canadian visitor visa if they pass through Canada by bus, car, train, boat or cruise ship.

transit Visas
A Canadian transit visa will be required if a non-eTA-exempt or non-eTA-qualified traveler does not have a valid visitor visa and is on a flight that either stops in Canada for 48 hours or less or stops at a Canadian airport at way to another country.

The type of Canada visa or eTA you need depends on your mode of transport to Canada as well as your citizenship in visa-exempt or eTA-exempt countries. When traveling to Canada, make sure you have the right permit before starting your journey. You can check if you are from a visa-exempt or eTA-eligible country by reviewing Canada’s eTA requirements.

You can enter Canada with an eTA if you comply with the following:
  • You arrive by air and are a citizen of an eligible country that is visa exempt – please see list of visa exempt countries below.
  • You convince an immigration officer of your ties to your country – employment, family home, etc. that will ensure you return to your country.
  • You have sufficient funds for your stay in Canada – this is determined by the length of your trip and the immigration officer
Apply for Canada eTA


Always apply for the eTA as soon as possible. Normally the authorization is approved within very short time, but in case that your authorization was denied you can expect additionally waiting time for your travel authorization.

  • eTA Canada – Valid for up to five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.  If you get a new passport, you need to get a new eTA.

  • eTA Travel – With a valid eTA, you can travel to Canada as often as you want for short stays (normally for up to six months at a time).


Always double check the passport number you typed into the form. It’s not possible to correct incorrect passport numbers on already approved eTA authorizations.

Please double check your passport issuance and expire date, as these information are very important to be 100% correct

Provide 100% correctly the names as in your passport. You can find the correct names by looking at the bottom of you passport in the machine readable area.

Carefully write you home address as it’s not possible to correct when application is approved.

Be sure to write your correct email address, as the Canadian Authorize send you update to this email.

Apply for Canada eTA